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COVID 19 Update

General Information

All staff are fully vaccinated. We have the expectation that our guests are fully vaccinated as well. Any guests arriving without full vaccination will need to eat breakfast in their room and wear a mask in the common areas. This is a moving target that will continue to be updated as we move into the fall. Please be responsible for understanding our policies as stated above.

**There will be no tolerance of unmasked unvaccinated humans on the premises. It is at our discretion whether refunds are given.**

We encourage guests to let us know if they have been exposed in the last 2 weeks prior to your scheduled arrival and choose to stay home under self-quarantine for a 2 week period. If this happens, no fees will be charged for cancellations last minute as this is the responsible thing to do. Thank you for your adherence to this guidance where it applies to you.

We have always had a robust texting system that we use heavily for questions or needs during your stay, to help you find what you want to do in the area, and to address any concerns that we can before, during and after your stay. 


State Guidelines

Currently (also as of August 2, 2022), the Finger Lakes Region of central NY is experiencing a 'substantial' increase in covid infections as described here https://13wham.com/news/local/monroe-county-now-substantial-risk-area which includes Seneca County. No guidance for visitors from out of state who are unvaccinated has been updated in 2021. It is at the discretion of each business to decide. Therefore, we will be masking up in the Manor House common areas and no more than 3 couples can have breakfast in the dining room so that we can maintain social distancing. We have continued to offer room service breakfast since last summer, so the dining room will be available on a 1st come/1st served basis. You can also opt to sit out on the lawn if the weather is conducive.


Rooms and Manor House Guidance:

We are instituting a self-check-in process that will be provided via texting just before your arrival. 

For your stay in the Manor House rooms, the following applies:

  1. We keep tabs on all local breakout vectors and areas in the country lagging behind in vaccination rates.
  2. Then, per USEPA, CDC, NYSDOH, and county guidelines we use EPA-designated cleaning fluids that are specific to viruses (in this case general-purpose Lysol wherever hands have touched surfaces or droplets may land) on all hard surfaces in the room, on the handrails going downstairs, and the guest door to the outside. 
  3. Staff no longer are required to wear gloves/masks as they are fully vaccinated, unless they choose to for personal reasons.
  4. We use ODO-Ban on beds and pillows prior to covering them with fresh sheets.
  5. In the Manor House rooms, we serve breakfast in your room at 9 am if you have not been fully vaccinated. There are now tables and chairs in each room and we place the food and beverages, etc. on a serving tray outside your door and ask that you return the tray with the dirty dishes and linens to the tray and we will gather it up after everyone has left for the day. Fully vaccinated guests may eat either in the dining room or there is limited seating outside under the copper beeches if weather allows.
  6. No staff are entering your room during your stay, so linens can be provided as needed - simply text us to request whatever you need, or catch us in the house in the morning - someone is always around.
  7. Per state guidelines, face coverings are required in the common areas of the Inn if you are unvaccinated. Use your own discretion while at the dock - maintain social distancing. There is plenty of room to spread out on the 100' dock since there are 2 decks and a separate fire pit area to sit around, plenty of chairs/lounges, etc. and fresh air and breezes off the lake since we are on the windward side of the lake which keeps the air clear. 
  8. As with all of us, we encourage and demand that staff wash their hands throughout the day with soap and water for a full count of 20 and there are several sinks throughout the first floor for this purpose. 
  9. A staff-only bathroom is on the 1st floor. 

Yurt stays are more easily accommodated and have similar booking before and after restrictions and cleaning activities prior to your arrival. If you are not yet fully vaccinated, we ask that you practice social distancing and wear masks if you cannot while outside in shared areas like the dock and the grounds around the Inn. So far, we have had not issues with this as there is plenty of room to spread out.

Keep in mind that all restaurants and wineries must maintain 50% capacity, so reservations are required well in advance. This is changing rapidly as infections rates plummet, but always a good idea to book ahead to get the restaurant at the time you want.

Thanks so much for your interest and let us know if you have any other questions.